Dissertation Conclusion

Unlike all other chapters of your dissertation, which are focused on a particular aspect of the research, dissertation conclusion is a review of the whole work. You may structure your paper in different ways, focusing discussion on a certain text or on a special aspect of the whole topic.

In your dissertation conclusion your task is not to analyze particular issues, you are to give a constructive and precise evaluation of the work you have conducted. You have to identify common and distinctive features of the object of your study and demonstrate the results of your research. In addition you have to prove the audience that in the process of your research you succeeded to develop a critical understanding of range of problems set in the dissertation. This chapter is a place to dwell on the limited possibilities of such small-scale researches and the ways to address these issues in the future. You should remember that a dissertation conclusion should not contain any new information and materials not mentioned before. You should not add anything new here, as dissertation conclusion is developed to combine and analyze what you have already discovered.

If you think that dissertation conclusion is not an important chapter of your dissertation as the information and the research itself are contained in other sections, you are mistaken. It significance cannot be underestimated. Its main purpose is to make a necessary strong impression on the audience or reader and give a sensation of completeness to the whole paper. Actually there are no strict requirements towards writing of the conclusion.

Anyway, you should keep in mind some important points while working on it:

  • prove your argument to be right basing on the materials of your research: references, examples, or results. Do not repeat what you have already said in other chapters.
  • mention some opposing ideas that could qualify your point of view.
  • consider the issues that are not answered or explored yet.
  • highlight key information.
  • you also can make the conclusion more interesting and impressive having mentioned some provocative quotation. But be careful not to draw the attention of the audience from your own argument.

Remember that your dissertation conclusion should prove the importance of your dissertation and demonstrate your success in bringing closure to the problem. You can also offer new issues for the future research which have been gaps before. In any case your argument has to correspond to the statements in the final part of your dissertation. Give a conclusive perspective on your research as a whole.

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