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One of the most complicated paper parts to write is the one answering a research question you have explored, i.e. the very discussion. The chief function of this section is to properly explain the questions you have examined in your academic work. Moreover, it is necessary to provide the results you have gained when answering questions you have posed at the beginning of your research.

When writing the discussion research section, it is required to analyze the answers you have obtained while investigating the subject. In order to highlight the issue clearly, you may try to predict the finding you expect to obtain. You can also illustrate the limitations research findings results that can be received while examining the subject. This section should be written in the same way as the concluding one, i.e. in the present tense mainly. Thus, you will be able to properly explain how your research adds to a particular area and provide recommendations for further investigation.

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In order to make sure that you discuss the research questions properly, keep in mind that your discussion section should provide readers with compelling evidence. The points you are going to analyze should be backed up with hard facts. To make the whole process easier, it is possible to determine the components that should be included in the said section. It should be noted that it is not mandatory to add all the items provided in the following list to your discussion unit.

  • Introduce the point stating the research purpose
  • Make a concise statement summarizing the results research has shown
  • Analyze the results of the investigation
  • Make statements illustrating the significance of the results
  • Write sections interpreting the obtained results that partially support your claims
  • Outline the points restricting your results in a particular way
  • Provide general concepts with reference to your results
  • Mention the areas where the results of your studies can be applied
  • Give suggestions for further research

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Dissertation discussion is of great importance for your whole dissertation

Written in order to explain and evaluate, it is closely connected to the Results chapter. The influence of this part of your work is really big, so be very careful and attentive while working on it, or simply let real professionals do this work for you.

We have enough experience to develop the best dissertation chapters that will meet the highest academic standards. Writing a discussion chapter for you we will make sure that it fits your expectations and meets the requirements of your professor. The section will be based on the data you have collected compared to the statements of different scientists. It will be created to prove your point and will be theoretically and practically based and perfectly organized.

You have the possibility to have an excellent discussion chapter, as well as the whole dissertation due to our services. An experienced and skilled Ph.D. writer and his or her knowledge can become your key to success. So use it properly and do not lose your chance to prove the academic value of your research.

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