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Literature Review

One of the most prevailing academic assignments is supposed to give an in-depth description and summary of the literary work on a certain topic. This research work is called literature review and shouldn’t be confused with ordinary book reviews as its task is to give a wide overview of the significant published literature that concerns certain topics.

The process of writing of a literature review usually involves four different stages

  • First, you are to analyze the topic and formulate the problem that is going to be examined in your work;
  • Second, you are to study various sources of information that are relevant to your study and search for the appropriate literature;
  • Third, you have to choose the most appropriate sources and decide which of them will be the most contributive to the topic understanding;
  • And fourth, after having processed all the necessary literature sources you need to work out your own interpretation of the problem and make your analysis of findings and conclusions.

Keeping in mind all the necessary points you should also remember about the structure of your paper. An appropriate structuring of your literature review paper is one of the most important elements on your way towards the successful result.

So work on your literature review has to be based on the following issues:

  • first of all, you have to give an outline of the subject under consideration, give some theoretic basis for the research and state the main objectives of your work;
  • decide on the right division of your research;
  • make a comparative analysis – point out the differences between different works and find some similar features in them;
  • develop a conclusion stating which literature sources you have examined are the most productive in the studied area;

Remember, your literature review dissertation has to be objective, valuable, well grounded and persuasive. The value of your work is measured according to its contribution to the understanding of a certain field of study. Make sure that your statements and claims are convincing and your perspectives are objective and your arguments and conclusions are demonstrative enough. Of course, this is not an easy piece of work, but the importance of the literature review dissertation cannot be underestimated.

Your task is not to simply list the sources, you are to process all the data and produce a competent and detailed analysis of literature organizing it according to the trends, theories or themes. Do not begin every paragraph with the name of the researcher, as you are to compare and interpret, but not simply describe. Develop an elaborate system of sections that will speak about your work as about a scrutinized and deep professional research, and not as about an anyhow made writing.

As you can see this work is rather difficult and very time-consuming. In case you feel that you do not to get involved in all those writing problems, offer you an easy solution concerning your literature review dissertation as well as all other types of academic assignments. Go to our FAQ page and find out all the details about us and our services.

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