Dissertation Methodology

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The basis of methodology chapter writing is choosing of the research methods. How to choose the proper methods?

Choosing proper methods constitutes to 75% of the successful dissertation and consists of two main factors

  1. The first, your methods depend on the type of data you are about to collect.
  2. And second, decide what methods can be the most convenient to collect the necessary information.

The most common ways to get the necessary data is to use published information, published interviews, different surveys, case studies, experiments and field work.

Other important issues that should be kept in mind and worked out in the process of the developing of the introduction chapter are:

  1. To decide whether the additional sources of information will be needed.
  2. Find out about the published scientists or writers who have worked on this kind of research.
  3. Decide the pros and cons of the particular research methods you are about to use.
  4. Decide whether one exclusive method is enough to depict a big picture or two and more additional methods are needed.
  5. Decide if the chosen research method is the most effective in comparison with the others.

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