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Literature Review

It’s 2 am, and according to the survey 5% of American citizens are partying, 15 % of Americans are watching TV shows, and 80% are sleeping right now. Why don’t you fit any of these categories? You, probably, have to sit and work on your dissertation. We are sure that you would prefer to be one of those people who are just relaxing in their own way. But you cannot do what you want, because the deadline is just around the corner, and you haven’t even started writing your literature review and all your patience and energy have already worn out.

A literature review of a dissertation consists of summarizing and reorganization the materials you have used for your research. In other words it may be called a feedback on data on a certain topic. Your main task is to summarize the sources you have used. But the work on a literature review is more complicated than you think. It is not a simple abstract of the material that you studied. You have to make a reorganization of sources according to your point of view. You can make a structuring according to different criteria – thematic, chronological, and methodological or organized in other ways – by materials, publications etc. It is highly important to make proper literature review outline.

To develop a good literature review may be a challenging task for the students. An enormous quantity of literature sources turns into an endless swamp, which makes a literature review writing process a real disaster. Kilometers of books, journal and article titles make it a real problem from the start. Some people find it almost impossible to find where to begin. To ensure your success in writing a dissertation literature review we offer you the services of highly qualified writers, who are qualified in different fields of science. To choose a professional for your custom paper you need to make a request filling an inquiry with all the details of your topic.

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