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When you start working on the methodology chapter for your dissertation you might be unaware of the numerous difficulties you can face, and you must know that dissertation writing is not an easy task either. This kind of work demands a lot of patience, diligence, obsession by the ideas of the research and writing and researching skills.

To develop a good methodology abstract you should know the rules of its composition. To start with, you need to choose the research methods. A natural question may arise – how can I decide on the proper research methods? Choosing the appropriate research methods is an essential point as properly chosen research methods are already a 70% contribution to your success. When choosing the research methods, you should remember about two main factors: first, you need to determine the type of data you are going to collect and, second, the main methods that should be used to collect this kind of data (it may be published information, case studies, interviews and surveys; experiments; or field work).

Often students fail to write a worthy methodology chapter

It happens for a few reasons, such as the lack of the writing experience, misunderstanding of the basic requirements and special rules of formatting. The methodology chapter is one of the essential parts of the entire dissertation. Its main aim is to organize your work and make it coherent. And the structuring and organization process is a very time consuming task to fulfill.

Before starting your methodology chapter you should also remember about such issues as:

  • Whether the research provides enough information or some additional sources are needed
  • Whether this type of research has been already studied and there are published works of any scientists or writers
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using exactly this kind of the research method
  • If a single method enough to focus on the whole picture or two and more approaches need to be used.
  • Whether the research method you have chosen is the most effective in comparison with other approaches.

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  • The dissertation research methods to be chosen;
  • The target points in writing of the methodology chapter;
  • Proper implementation of the research methods in the work;
  • All peculiarities and requirements that deal with the description of research methods implemented in dissertation;