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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does our essay writing service operate?

     By ordering an essay, paper, or dissertation from Supreme-Thesis.com, you pave an easy way to personal success. You just need to fill out our form and make the payment. Then, all you will need to do is to wait until your written assignment is completed. Your paper will be delivered in accordance with the deadline you set.

    If you have specific essay instructions or any additional materials to provide for the writer, start the process of ordering a paper from us by filling in our order form. Please, look at and consider the way our service operates.

    1. You start by filling in our order form and processing your payment.

    If you have any concerns or questions when you submit the order form, you can use our pop-up “info” window to answer your most common questions and see how our system works. Click the “info” tab located next to every other field in the order form, and you will read the most important information pertaining to the process of making an order with us. When you are through with it, our system will automatically redirect you to your personal web page, where you will be able to send and receive messages, monitor your order progress, upload and download materials and drafts, and communicate with the writer.

    1. We assign the most professional writer to work on your paper.

    We hire only the best of the best, and we will assign the most qualified writer to work on your order. If you demand any specific software or knowledge, please, inform us about these requirements, so that we could choose the most appropriate expert in your field.

    1. Once your paper is completed, we upload it to your personal web page.

    When the writer is done with your paper and our editors check and proofread it, we upload it directly to your personal web page. Another copy of your paper will be sent to you by email. All papers are delivered in MS Word format and give a chance for an easy preview of the completed project. If you request any changes to the initial draft, feel free to ask for a free revision. Read our revision policy to see how it works. The revision request will be sent to the writer, and a new deadline will be set for your paper. Make your academic life easy and use our professional writing service to Order Now!

  • What about confidentiality?

    When you place your order with us, you will have to supply us with some personal information, including your name, contact details (phone number), and your email address. However, you should also understand that Supreme-Thesis.com maintains 100% confidentiality in its relations with customers, and by using Supreme-Thesis.com, you keep yourself absolutely safe and secured from any confidentiality risks. We do not release your personal information to any third party. You should also understand that our professional customer service personnel may try to contact you via phone from the following phone number: 1-888-5361559. Please, do not share your personal information with anyone who calls himself/herself our customer service representatives but call from other phone numbers. Moreover, please, remember, that our professional customer service representatives will never request any personal information, including credit card numbers, via phone. You need to use this info ONLY while you are submitting your payment through our secure online system. When you send your payment through PayPal, you will receive a written confirmation to your personal web page. If you need more information, please, read our Privacy Policy.

  • How do I pay for my paper? Is it safe to process payments online?

    Supreme-Thesis.com has safe money processing partners, including PayPal. It is with the help of these reliable financial partners that we guarantee high speed and absolute security of all online payments. We work with these companies, because the quality of their financial services is well-known to the public. In our business history, we have safely completed thousands of online payments for customers in all parts of the world. Once you are through with your order form, you will have to choose one of several payment options available on our website, including PayPal. No matter what payment method you eventually choose, our system will guide through the entire process of submitting your payment online. We will receive your payment within minutes after you submit it. We will start working on your order immediately. If you need more info on payment options, visit the PayPal webpage.

  • Why so high/low prices?

    We know that the prices we ask for our writing services are somewhat higher than those offered by other companies. However, we also know that quality can never be cheap. With Supreme-Thesis.com, you get the highest quality of customer service and professional writing. When it comes to writing, quality always makes difference. Don’t trap yourself and order low-quality services from cheap companies online. Companies that charge less than $10 per page of writing cannot provide high-quality writing services. If you were a professional writer, would you wish to work for less than $7 per page? If you pay $10 for a page, the writer who writes it will never receive more than $7. In most cases, the paper you get from such services will be resold in the future, to compensate for the financial losses caused to the writer. Or you may get a paper written by a non-professional who does not understand anything in your subject. With us, you get an original paper written from scratch, and you are the sole owner of this paper. You pay a good price to guarantee that your paper is never resold to other customers.

  • Does the writer have any degree? What are his/her education and professional credentials?

    Supreme-Thesis.com hires only the most professional and experienced writers, who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in one or several fields. We have MA and Ph.D. writers, who work in several different fields and specializations. This is how we can easily choose the most appropriate writer and assign the best expert to work on your order. We choose writers, depending on the specific paper requirements provided by you. To maintain high quality of writing services, we analyze each and every writer’s skills and credentials, including the following:

    • Academic experience;

    • Professional experience;

    • Application essay;

    • English language test results;

    • Academic scores in one or several fields the writer specializes in;

    • Writer’s results while working with Supreme-Thesis.com; and writer’s workloads and availability to work with particular customers.

  • Is it possible to choose a writer?

    If you are not new to our company and have experience working with one or several writers, you can request a writer who has already completed papers for you. When you submit the order form, you need to choose the “I want a preferred writer” tab. Please, fill in the gap with ID of writer you want to work on your order. If you follow all these steps, we will assign the writer you choose to work on your paper. We cannot guarantee that we assign the desired writer to work on your paper if you don’t follow these steps.

  • Where are your writers from?

     All of writers we hire are native English speakers so you may have no doubts about the language used in your paper. Each of them passes series of complicated tests which give us an opportunity to define best candidates to hire. Writers hired are from US, UK and Canada. Many customers specify their language requirements for each particular order, so when you submit an order form, you can request:

    • The most professional available writer;

    • A writer who speaks and writes in English as the native language.

    It may happen, that native English speaking writers are all busy working on other papers. In this situation, we assign the best available non-native English speaking writer, whose language proficiency matches the highest requirements and TOEFL mark.  

  • Do I communicate with the writer who is working on my paper?

    You can communicate with the writer, who is working on your paper, by sending and receiving messages to your personal web page. Each time you get a message from the writer, you will receive an email notification. However, it is also your responsibility to check your web page regularly. Writers may have many questions regarding your orders.

  • Are there any risks of plagiarism?

    All papers we write are created from scratch. Thus, they are original and authentic. We have a complex plagiarism detection system that is used by many distinguished Universities. However, we do not include your paper into the system database, which means that our plagiarism check it totally safe for your grades. We have no plagiarism policy and guarantee the delivery of non-plagiarized papers. We check each and every paper, and we keep our non-plagiarism promises. Yet, you should understand that we cannot check our papers on plagiarism against all databases and services that are normally available through turnitin.com. We cannot be sure that your paper does not include paraphrased text. Thus, if you want to be 100% sure that your paper is original, check it using your turnitin.com system and send us your plagiarism report. Also, if you ask to edit or proofread the paper, which was completed by someone else, it is your responsibility to ensure its originality and uniqueness.

  • Do you have any prewritten papers database?

    We never use prewritten papers while processing our customersí orders, as paper uniqueness is our clientís success. Thatís why all of papers are written from scratch and all of your demands are followed precisely.

  • How are your custom essays formatted?

    Each and every academic paper is delivered in a standard academic format: 300 words per page, 1-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced. If you have specific formatting requirements, please, do not forget to mention them when you submit your order.

  • When will you finish my paper?

    When you order a paper, essay or dissertation with Supreme-Thesis.com, you determine the deadline and can choose from a variety of deadline delivery options available on our website. Your deadline is calculated automatically, starting with the moment your payment is processed. For example, if you need your paper within 48 hours and submit your payments at 3 P.M. in Tuesday, your paper will be delivered to your personal web page before 3 P.M. on Thursday. Please, check twice before you submit your deadline requirements with the order.

    Please, note that if you need your paper urgently, the minimal deadline is 3 hours and depends on number of pages required and the complexity of paper. Please, remember that quality writing is impossible without good research. Please, allow your writer to deliver a high-quality written product!

    Please, make sure you have uploaded all instructions and materials from the very beginning. If you don’t do that, we will have the right to delay the submission of your paper. If you want your paper to be delivered in parts, we will develop a special schedule to match your needs.

    The final deadline is when you must submit your paper. Please, choose the final deadline so that at least 30% of all time is left to revise your paper in case it is needed to.

  • How to use the inquiry form?

    Please, go to the order form page. When you are there, please, begin by specifying your topic, the number of pages, deadline, and the amount of sources to be used. Please, leave any additional comments regarding your expectations and needs. Please, choose the desired writing style, the course title, and similar requirements. Please, remember, that your recommendations, instructions, and comments are extremely important for our writers. They must understand what exactly you expect to get at the end. If you happen to have any questions, or you face difficulties submitting the order form, please, use the “info” tab located next to every field name and use the information provided to assist in completing the order form.

    You can request a free quote, if your instructions are complicated and you need the writer to follow special requirements. Once we find a qualified writer, we will send the payment link to you.

  • How do I submit additional order materials for the writer?

    Once you are done with the order form, you are automatically redirected to your personal web page. With Supreme-Thesis.com, you have an easy way to submit any additional materials pertaining to the order. Use the “files” tab on your personal web page, if you have failed to submit these materials with the order form. Once uploaded, the writer can view and use the materials provided. Please, contact our customer service representatives in case of any difficulties.

  • What is my personal web page and how does it work?

     Your personal web page is where you can contact the writer and monitor your paper progress. You can also upload any additional materials pertaining to the order and download the drafts and finished papers. With the personal web page, you can also use:

    1. The “all orders” tab that enables you to check with the orders you have already requested from Supreme-Thesis.com. Here, you can also find the list of all current and completed orders.

    2. The “new order” tab can be used to request a new order;

    3. The “your profile” tab is where your personal information is being stored. You can also use this option to change your password.

    With each and every order you have ever placed with Supreme-Thesis.com, you can also check the information pertaining to this order and message the administrator or writer who works or used to work on this order.  

  • What do I do if I forget my password?

    When you submit the first order with Supreme-Thesis.com, you will have to create your account and choose a password. If you happen to forget your password, please, use the “click here, if you have forgotten your password” tab and follow the guidelines provided.

  • How do I get my paper?

    Once your paper is completed, you receive an email notification with a direct link to your personal web page. However, as the deadline is approaching, please, make sure you check your personal web page regularly. Please, note that another copy of your completed paper will be sent to you via email. You can review and download the finished project only by visiting your personal web page. Follow the link to your personal web page and manage your orders on our website.

  • How can I get a printable version of my paper?

    You can download your finished paper in membership area of our website. Please note, that another copy of your file will be sent to you via email.

  • The deadline has passed, but there is still no paper. What do I do?

    Please, contact us, either by sending a message through your personal web page or using our live chat. You can also call us. Our customer representatives will examine your problem and help you instantly. Reasons why your paper was not submitted on time can be extremely diverse. You might have provided wrong contact details, or your completed paper notification has been erroneously directed to the spam folder. It may happen that you have not provided the writer with full details or did not check messages from the writer. We may also be checking and proofreading your paper, so that there is a slight delay in delivering it to you. In any case, please, first contact our essay service and make sure the finished paper is waiting for you!

  • What if I don’t like the finished paper?

    If you need to request a revision and make certain changes to the completed paper, we guarantee providing free revision. Request a revision, by choosing the order from the Files list of all orders on your personal web page. Send your revision request, recommendations and comments to the writer. Set the new deadline for revision. If significant changes are required, we will have to charge additional fees, based on the scope of changes to be made. Please, read our revision policy to learn more.

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