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If you are studying to obtain your Master’s or Ph.D. degree, dissertation writing is something you will have to deal with in the nearest future. As the submission deadline starts to loom, it is natural to feel anxious about the amount of work ahead and the possibility of messing up the paper.

Having finished the collection and analysis of data, you can proceed with writing your dissertation and get to the results section. At this point, you may decide to buy dissertation results writing service because reporting the main findings and explaining how they relate to the hypothesis might come as a bit of a challenge.

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Each stage of dissertation writing is equally important because if there are flaws or weaknesses in some parts of the paper, you will lose points. Even though all grades you get throughout the course matter, dissertation quality plays a decisive role in your overall performance as a student, and whether you will pass the course or not largely depends on the grade for your dissertation. For this reason, you should polish each section to perfection, and maybe even ask for expert help to make sure that your paper meets the highest standards. Visit Supreme-thesis.com where you can buy dissertation results writing.

What to Include in the Dissertation Results Section?

The aim of your thesis can be summarized as: you have to prove your theory/hypothesis. This is exactly what the results section is supposed to do. In this part of the paper, you have to present the results of your work and show that they are credible. Although all parts of the dissertation will have an impact on your final grade, the results section is probably the most important because the committee can evaluate the quality of your research just by looking through it. If this sounds intimidating, remember that you can always buy dissertation results writing at Supreme-thesis.com.

By using professional dissertation results writing help, you can get a paper section that presents the information professionally. For example, to enhance comprehension, an experienced writer will include graphic elements such as tables and figures. However, remember that they should be used sparingly and in places where they are definitely required.

Another characteristic of a well-written results section has is objectivity. Present the information impartially so as to describe your observations and their relation to the hypothesis without bias. The researcher is not expected to speculate the meaning of the findings in this section.

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In a nutshell, the results section is where you can describe what you have found out in the process of your research. You can include all the important details in this section and also add the Appendices if necessary. The examples of the information to include in this section are:

  • Essential experimental results;
  • Explanation of the significance;
  • Statistics;
  • Reference to the scientific sources that support your findings.

It goes without saying that you do not have to include everything you found out in the course of the research, because you do not want to overload the readers with unnecessary details. If you are not sure whether you should include some piece of information or not, go back to your research hypothesis and see whether the information relates to it. This should help you understand what to add and which information to skip.

How to Write the Results Section of a Dissertation?

While the decision to buy dissertation results writing is probably the most reasonable given the complexity of this part of the paper, you may give it a try and write it on your own. At first glance, this might seem an easy thing to do because this chapter is basically a review of the data you received in the course of the research. However, you should always keep in mind the hypothesis for the sake of including only the essential findings.

Depending on the type of research you did, the results may be qualitative or quantitative. In the case of the former, your results section will consist of a summary, in which you will evaluate the findings. If the results are quantitative by nature, your paper will most probably include numerous graphs and tables.
Now, let us have a look at the formal structure of this section:

  • Start by summarizing the key findings obtained in the literature review section;
  • Present your findings and draw parallels with the information you from other sources;
  • Share your observations.

The following checklist will be a great dissertation results writing help:

  • Select the most suitable presentation method. For example, chronological order, from the most to the least significant, etc.
  • Decide how you will present the data. Will you include graphs or tables or only text? Remember that graphical representation contributes to data comprehension, especially in qualitative research.
  • Some papers may include more graphs than text. However, do not forget to add captions and numeration under each element.
  • Focus only on the most essential findings.
  • Verify the accuracy of the findings. Proofread the section at least once.

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The results section plays a crucial role in your dissertation, so no wonder this section may get numerous revisions. It may also happen that after some time the paper starts looking offline, and you no longer understand in which direction to proceed. Do not get discouraged! All you need to complete this chapter is a fresh perspective.

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Tips for Writing the Results Section of Your Dissertation

  • Use the past tense to report the results.
  • Include the details that are directly related to the hypothesis and research question.
  • Present the research findings and their nature without explaining the implications for your research area.
  • Choose the most appropriate method of presentation, for example, chronologically or in the order of significance, stating the most important results first.
  • Include the data of primary importance, such as statistical analysis.
  • If you include tables or graphs, make sure the information in them does not rehash the text. They should complement rather than repeat each other.
  • Use graphs and other visual elements sparingly. Do not overload your text.
  • Number your figures and add captions.
  • Think of your audience and their degree of familiarity with the topic. The information should be new to them yet understandable.
  • If your results section turned out very short, you may include your observations concerning the main findings. However, do not discuss them in detail.
  • The data in the results section must be accurate.
  • Use clear academic English and correct grammar and punctuation.

With these tips, dissertation writing should appear less challenging. However, you can always turn to professionals and buy dissertation results writing services from Supreme-thesis.com.

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