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A thesis is a serious and complicated assignment, which requires a high level of concentration, research, and writing skills. A thesis is the final stage of your education. It is a summary of your skills and knowledge. This is a particular intention to bring some novelty to the scientific community. We understand the value and importance of a thesis and are ready to offer you thesis writing help. Most people have no idea what a thesis means, and getting down to writing they become overwhelmed with numerous tasks and assignments they have to complete. Using the thesis writing service at Supreme-thesis.com, you are sure to successfully strive through this complicated period and complete the assignment within the deadline.

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What Is a Thesis?

A thesis is a specific assignment that represents research in a particular field with the intention to confirm or reject a hypothesis to bring some novelty to the scientific community. A thesis statement clearly underlines what you believe in and what you want to prove. A good thesis statement differs from an essay and a research paper significantly.

A process of thesis writing starts long before the actual writing process. In this article, we want to help you understand what a thesis means, what tasks you are going to accomplish, and what expectations you should form. You may complete this assignment without thesis writing help, but we are sure that it is much better to work in collaboration with others, especially in such a serious assignment, rather than try to work individually without assistance.

We want to make it clear that a thesis is not the same as a thesis statement. A thesis is a substantial research published independently; it is a result of the whole course of learning, while a thesis statement is a sentence or two written at the end of the introduction which highlights the main idea of the essay or a research paper. The current article is devoted to large research work, a thesis. So, if you seek professional thesis writing help, continue reading the text.

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Difference between Undergraduate and Postgraduate Theses

Before deepening into the peculiarities of thesis writing, it is important to make a clear difference between undergraduate and postgraduate theses. The tasks differ in level, not in the kind. A Ph.D. thesis is a more substantial research, which must bring novelty in the field of knowledge, develop theories, and contribute to scholarship. An undergraduate thesis mainly focuses on the style of presentation, the significance of contributions, and the quality of research. Nevertheless, both types of theses should conduct unique research, provide evidence, and draw adequate conclusions.

How to Structure a Thesis?

Being one of the academic writing types, a thesis has a particular structure each student must follow. The deviations in the structure are mainly unacceptable, and each student may only expand the standard thesis template rather than develop a new structure ignoring the basic principles of the research. Each educational establishment usually has strict guidelines as to how to structure and write theses. However, there are standard parts of a thesis which will be present in each written work. The structure of a thesis is as follows:

  • An abstract. This part is about 150-250 words, which clearly highlights the objective of the research, the methodology, the findings, and the conclusions. Reading an abstract the audience should have a clear understanding of what your research is about. In other words, an abstract is a shortened form of your thesis written in no more than a page.
  • The introduction. This part starts your thesis. It is important to provide the background information here leading the reader to the research you are going to accomplish. This part should contain the purpose of your research, its significance, the theoretical and/or conceptual framework, and clearly underline the structure of the work.
  • The literature review. This part is a summary and critical analysis of the literature sources devoted to your topic of interest. Writing a literature review, it is not enough just to summarize the information in each article. You have to analyze the information and critically assess it. The major goal of the literature review is to study what sources have already discussed similar ideas and which gaps exist in the contemporary field of knowledge related to the topic. The literature review helps to understand that the research you are going to conduct is not in vain and will bring novelty to the scientific community.
  • The methodology. The methodology section clearly underlines what research has been accomplished in order to conduct a study. The researcher has to define the research design, the population and sampling techniques, the data collection, and data analysis tools. This section should justify the chosen data collection and analysis tools to show that the chosen options are the most convenient and credible in this particular case.
  • The findings. This section should barely present the findings of the research. It is important to focus on the findings without making attempts to judge and analyze those. Depending on the nature of the research design, the findings may be presented in either descriptive or statistical format. Researchers may use tables and graphs to arrange the findings in a proper way.
  • The discussion. This section is for data interpretation and integration. The researcher should analyze the findings and discuss those with the reference to other studies. Here the writer should use the previous studies as those which either support the findings or present the findings as those which oppose the previous research.
  • The conclusions and recommendations. This section should summarize the whole research. The recommendations for further research and the data for the implication of the findings should be presented here as well.

Thus, you may see that thesis writing is a tough assignment. You may still try to complete the work yourself or you may turn to our professional thesis writing service. If you still have doubts, we want to offer you a description of the services we offer.

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A Thesis Writing Service We Offer

  • Substantial research. Before writing a thesis, you have to search for the literature in the field of knowledge. It will help you understand the focus and direction of your study. It is a complicated task, which may require much time and effort. We are ready to assist you at this stage. We can complete a literature review for you or present the results of the research in the format of an annotated bibliography. We guarantee unique research written in accordance with your needs.
  • Professional writing. We may either complete the whole work or help you write a particular part of your thesis. We may start writing from the very beginning or integrate some parts in the middle of the writing process. You can get a qualified consultation about the services we provide using our website.
  • Competent editing services. Having written a thesis you may doubt its quality. Moreover, it is always better to ask for a professional look at the written paper before you hand it in. The third-party may help you see the mistakes. Moreover, a fresh look on your thesis from the side is always a good opportunity to improve the quality of the paper. Our writers can edit your paper and correct grammar, expand some ideas, and make the writing clear and up to a high academic level.
  • Skillful formatting. Apart from quality content, excellent theses require proper formatting. There are strict requirements as to how to format a thesis. It concerns not only a proper font, but also refers to the construction of headings, subheadings, and references. Our writers are ready to help you format the paper in accordance with any citation style, namely APA, MLA, AMA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
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