Privacy Policy

We are delighted that you visited our website. Your interest in the services we provide is appreciated. The foremost issue for our administration team is the confidentiality and security of every client’s personal information. We have, therefore, got every conceivable measure in place to protect your data from all major threats. The genre of data our company collects and the reasons for doing this are summarized below.

Our web server collects information on:

  • Those who use our services, and
  • Those who visit our website

We collect this type of data to help us understand various visitor patterns such as access time and the types of browsers and operating systems that visitors use. Clearly, client identity is not compromised by data of this type. Our staff merely uses it to enhance and customize the website information we make available and to improve the content as well as the layout and presentation of the various materials. Information gathered via our server is not distributed, shared or sold under any circumstances.

What Are Cookies Used For?

We mostly use cookies to:

  • Help make the navigational aspects of our website more user-friendly
  • To collect valuable statistical information about how our site is used

What Personal Information Do We Gather?

To avail of our services, customers must register on our website and it is at this point we collect some contact information such as first name, surname, email address and phone number. The information you provide to us is never distributed, published, sold or shared with any parties outside our company. It is accessible only by trusted members of our staff.

Indeed, we only use contact details if we need some input from your side. Sometimes, for instance, we may need you to clarify some aspect of an order or give your approval so that we can complete your assignment satisfactorily. For this reason, it is imperative we have correct, up-to-date information to be able to contact you as necessary and provide top-quality assistance.

Processing of Customer Payments

To protect sensitive data such as billing information from exposure and to avoid online fraud, we use secure systems for processing transactions and we also check customer ID.

Changes to Data and Your Rights

You may have your profile data corrected, replaced or removed as necessary. Just ask our representatives to make whatever adjustments are necessary.