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Our custom writing company provides not only high-quality academic papers but also an easy way for our clients to save money. One of such ways is to participate in an affiliate program. Want to know what it is? Stay with us and read on. The original vision we had about the affiliate program was to demonstrate the regular clients that we do care for them and value their trust, time, and money spent. As such, with the help of the affiliate program, we express our commitment and respect. Once you become a member of our affiliate program, you will be able to accumulate bonuses and use them for proceeding payment for your orders. With the collected bonuses, you will pay for the writing, editing or proofreading services offered by us. When you are a member of the affiliate program, you will not need to spend huge amounts of money on custom writing – you will be able to earn your own money from this program. 

Benefit from Our Service: Save 25%

Along with the first order offer 15% discount, you save an extra 10% since we provide 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page.

If you consider the idea to join our affiliate program, get to know some details. You will not merely be provided with premium-quality papers but you will have a chance to distribute information about the company among your friends and classmates. 

What Is Guaranteed by Our Affiliate Program?

  1. You get a bonus of 10% from each new client we get after your recommendations.
  2. The person who follows your advice and orders from us gets an appealing discount amounting to 17% for the first order placed with us. 

How to Become a Member of Our Affiliate Program?

  1. Visit your personal profile and open the section containing information about our affiliate program.
  2. Once you are forwarded to the “Affiliate Program” page, you will see such information as “My friends’ emails”*, promotional code, and referral link for sharing it with others.
  3. Now copy the affiliate link and send it to the audience who might be interested in our services.
  4. Each person who clicks the link will be forwarded to our company’s website and will also be remembered in the system.
  5. If the person uses the unique promo code when placing the first order, he/ she is guaranteed to get 17% discount price.
  6. The discount will be applied by the system – you do not need to do anything else. 

*In this email field, provide your friends’ email address so that they could receive information about our company and services. 

Advantages from Using Our Affiliate Program

The brightest advantage is that you will get bonuses every time a person orders a paper from us upon your recommendation as a part of our promotional campaign. You may use these bonuses one at a time or you may accumulate them on your account. As such, if you collect the bonuses in a sufficient number, you will be able to use them for a total payment. However, there is an option of conducting a partial payment with money and partial with bonuses. 

There is also a wonderful option to withdraw the bonuses in the equivalent of money. Use wire transfer or PayPal for these purposes. 

With our company, you will make your dreams come true. Be sure that you will be able to succeed with your academic assignments and ensure you do not live on a shoestring.

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