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In the mid-90s, Jeff Bezos, the CEO, and founder of Amazon.com came up with an ingenious marketing idea. Those who want to earn money online just need to convince prospective shoppers to click on Amazon.com links through their own websites. If they do, the individual who posted the link (known as an affiliate) earns a commission on the sale. It is an easy way to make money fast on the side since Amazon.com is still responsible for taking the order, collecting payment, and shipping the item. Our “earn money for students” program works in a similar way. If you want to participate in our “earn money affiliate program,” we will provide details down below.

Amazon.com is not the only company that has generated great success as a result of their affiliate program. Lots of smaller companies have managed to attract more web traffic and make sales through affiliate programs for students and professionals who want some extra cash in their pockets.

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Along with the first order offer 15% discount (code start15), you save an extra 10% since we provide 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page.

So how exactly do affiliate programs work? As noted, it is a vehicle for generating more clicks with the help of somebody who serves as the affiliate. An individual with their own website adds a link to a merchant’s website, and whenever somebody clicks on it, it generates more traffic for that merchant. As an incentive for helping the company attract visitors, the individual receives a commission for their help.

Affiliate programs are a form of advertising known as Pay Per Action (PPA). Unlike other types of advertising in which a website agrees to carry a merchants link or advertising banner in exchange for payment, the visitor actually has to click on that link or something additional such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

The money that an affiliate makes depends on whatever arrangements they have made. For instance, in some cases, the affiliate only earns a commission if the buyer actually purchases a product/service on the merchant’s website. In other cases, the affiliate can make money merely if they help the website generate more unique clicks, regardless of whether they actually make a sale. The nice thing about recruiting affiliates is that it costs the merchant virtually nothing. It is certainly a more cost-effective way to market their products as compared to a more traditional advertising campaign. The goal of any website – no matter how they wish to achieve it – is to find ways to get more people to learn about their products and services.

A lot of websites help to earn money for students, including Supreme-thesis.com. By simply recommending or mentioning our website, you can make some extra cash too! To accomplish this, all you need to do is join our affiliate program. You are shown links and images related to our affiliate custom writing services. You simply publish these links/images on your site or share it with your friends via messengers, and whenever somebody clicks on them and subsequently buys the services, you get a commission.


Interested in Joining Our Affiliate Program and Earn Money for Students?

Supreme-thesis.com is a leading provider of custom writing content for students who need help with their academic assignments. We are always looking for ways to grow our business so that we can assist even more students when they need a high-quality custom writing. To achieve this, we have created an affiliate program that lets you save money and even put more of it in your pocket! When students are struggling to complete their essays and other homework, they hire one of our professional academic writers to get them better grades. As a way of showing our appreciation, we want to help earn money for students. After all, customers like you are the reason we have been so successful over the years. When you participate in our affiliate program and help us gain new clients, you can also keep more of your hard-earned money and gain even more affordable access to our high-quality writing! That is the true meaning of reciprocity!

If you would like to get involved in our program, we would love to have you aboard! The first step is to read up on the conditions of our agreement. If you want a chance to make some money and buy our services at cheaper rates, all you need to do is help promote our affiliate custom writing services and attract potential clients to our website. Simply share your experiences with buying our custom writing services and spread the word about what we can offer other students. There is no easier way for you to earn some extra dough and order more of our great services at prices you will appreciate!

What Is Guaranteed by Our Affiliate Program?

  1. If you sign up and join our affiliate membership program and you help us gain a new sale, you are guaranteed to earn a 10% bonus every time a first-time customer places an order.
  2. The customer also stands to benefit by saving money when orders from us and gets an appealing discount of 17% for the first order placed with us.

How to Become a Member of Our Affiliate Program?

  1. Visit your personal profile and open the section containing information about our affiliate program.
  2. Once you are forwarded to the “Affiliate Program” page, you will see such information as “My friends’ emails”*, promotional code, and referral link for sharing it with others.
  3. Simply copy the link and send it in an email to friends and classmates who you think might be interested in using our services.
  4. Each person who clicks the link will be forwarded to our company’s website and will also be remembered in the system.
  5. Prospective clients who use the unique promo code when placing the first order, he/ she is guaranteed to get 17% discount price.

*Fill in the “My friends’ email” field with all of the emails of friends, family, roommates, and anybody else who you believe could benefit from our custom writing services.

Our Affiliate Program is So Convenient!

Every time you recommend a new customer and they buy our services, you receive a 10% bonus based on the price they paid for their paper. In other words, you stand to benefit greatly from this arrangement! What you do with that extra money is entirely up to you. If you would like to apply them towards your own custom writing service purchases, you are welcome to do so. On the other hand, you can withdraw the cash you earn and have it sent to your bank account via money transfer.

By taking part in our affiliate program, everybody is a winner! It allows our company to grow by attracting more customers, it provides those customers with high-quality custom papers that allow them to get the high grades they deserve, and you make easy money every time you successfully refer a new client to our services. It does not get any better than that! So sign up today and let us get started!

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