Theories of Language Learning

School often becomes a difficult experience for many children, especially during the first years of studying. Students need to organize their schedule themselves and be able to concentrate during lectures. Another problem for many children is interaction with classmates and teachers. New circumstances and people might become stressful for a child; that is why he/she […]


The EU Law

Brief Historical Background of the Formation of the European Union European Union was formed through the amalgamation of various sporadic integrations among countries within Europe. These integrations were initially motivated by the need to keep peace in Europe after the Second World War and by political resistance against strong nations such as the United States. […]


IBM and KPMG Recruitment Practices

Introduction In the modern corporate world, the success of organizations lies not just in pre-established goals and missions but also on the organizational workforce. Employees from an essential part of an organization, with their performance, code of conduct and responsibilities, contributing to the development of the company. As such, corporate management needs to undertake rigorous […]



Summary of rules and practices The Office of Tax Simplification admits that there is a need to improve and review the existing rules and benefits for accommodation. Such reviews require the simplification of the rules and practices with regard to job-related accommodation. A recast of such rules can not only lead to simplification. The living […]


Finger Print Based Biometric Security System

Abstract The matching of fingerprints has had huge success for law enforcers for the last several years. Personal authentication systems based on biometrics have numerous advantages over the token or knowledge-based traditional security systems. Despite this, they are susceptible to attacks, which can lead to dire consequences in terms of their security. The study investigates […]


Book Essay: Lincoln

Question 1 Professional and Political Experience that Abraham Lincoln Accumulated before Becoming President Lincoln’s leadership skills as a politician have their genesis in the way he was brought up. He stated that he owed his successful political life to his mother who died when he was only nine years old. As a future politician, Lincoln’s […]