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The main goal of technology writing is to let the readers know more about technological advancements and modern devices. People enjoy a lot of conveniences that make their lives much easier. One can hardly imagine the present-day reality without usual things. Although we view all high-tech innovations for granted, we still realize that they are the results of long-time development. The world never gets back to its status without smartphones or the internet. Study high-quality technology essays examples written for university, college, and high school students. They may serve as a professional guide for you. You may understand what happens in the world of technological inventions and their strengths and weaknesses. You can get the ideas from the sample essays to get inspired. Then you may work on your own essay with diligence and enthusiasm.

Impact of Self-Driving Cars on American Economy

New developments in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology have created interest in the public and have become a topic of debate recently. Self-driven vehicles, especially the Google Self-driven Car, have become an interesting subject in the media and the focus of several surveys, attempting to measure the perception of the public of such cars. Self-driving vehicles […]

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Technology and Society

Looking at modern computers, it is hard to imagine early machines built back in the 1950s. Being about 6.500 pounds in weight and costing approximately half a million US dollars, they used so much electric power that it was enough to supply ten houses. Nevertheless, at that time, computers were already capable of performing more […]

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Google Strategic Information Technology Plan

Successful companies often adopt innovative plans that are instrumental in the realization of their objectives. In particular, information technology organizations need to keep up to date with the ubiquitous technological advancements owing to stiff competition in the market. Therefore, innovation in this field is imperative towards the success of firms in such fields, for instance, […]

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Is the Media Sexist?

The omnipresence of sex in the media cannot be denied, and its influence on people should not be underestimated. It has become a primary source of information about sexual issues for the young generation; it teaches them how to be men and women, how to behave, dress, and look in society, as well as how […]

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Innovative Technologies in Aviation Industry

Double-Decker Seating Advantages: the futuristic model of airbus double-decker seating has innovative design of seats with mezzanine arrangement targeting first and business class cabins. The split-level seats will be separated by the central row. It will divide the area between the upper level and cabin floor. The side-stairs will be implanted to the row of […]

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Ethics Game Simulation Reflective Journal

Writing reflections is critical because they allow reviewing the understanding of the used concepts, as well as the quality of the performed procedures. Reflection is like self-analysis, which allows one to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in different processes, including analysis, thinking, and drawing conclusions important for the perspective of future work. Such reflection involves […]

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