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A literature review presents different sources of information highlighting a specific issue and provides their brief summary. The purpose of such a piece of writing is to show readers what place your own investigation takes within the explored academic field. A literature review may include just a summary of the sources used for producing academic work. However, when it goes about social sciences, it may consist of both a summary and amalgam of the presented entries. As to a summary, it is a rehash of essential ideas highlighted in a source, while an amalgam is the rearrangement of those ideas into the way that will let readers understand how you are going to explore the matter. A literature review may:
  • Interpret already known material in a new way
  • Track the development of the area
  • Assess the sources and give readers recommendations on further investigation
  • Determine the problems in the explored area and find their solutions
A literature review is focused on:
  • Highlighting each source in regard to its contribution to covering the matter under consideration.
  • Establishing the connection between the used sources.
  • Discovering new ways of explaining previous studies.
  • Identifying the blanks in the available literature.
  • Handling the contradictions between the studies highlighting opposing viewpoints.
  • Determining the areas in which previous scholarships have been received to avoid plagiarizing the material.
  • Highlighting the ways of undertaking further research.
Note that the literature describing a specific subject consists of three types of sources. First, there are primary surveys carried out by scholars. Second, there are the overviews of primary studies presenting new interpretations of the existing material. Third, there are unofficial conclusions and viewpoints expressed by the experts in a specific field. Feel free to look through the samples of literature reviews below.

Literature Review on Co-Located Teams

Globalization and advancement in technology have altered the nature of project teamwork and methods through which it is handled. The team refers to a group of individuals with complementary skills and commitment to attain a common goal that holds them mutually accountable. According to Van den Bulte and Moenaert (1998), a co-located team is a […]

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Literature Review: Water Sustainability

Matson, P. (2009). The sustainability transition. Issues in Science and Technology, 25(4), 39-42. One of the biggest challenges, which humanity will face in the 21st-century concerns sustainability. Humanity will have to understand how to meet the ground requirements of all people for nutriment, energy, and water. It should be achieved without demeaning the basic physical and organizational […]

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Literature Review on Aphasia and Bilingualism

Definition of Bilingualism Bilingualism exists in every part of the world, in every society and class. Globalization makes more and more people evolve in a bilingual or multilingual environment. In addition, people move to different countries seeking better employment opportunities, new life, and challenges. Therefore, bilingualism has become common for a substantial part of people. […]

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Literature Review on Sea Logistics in the UAE

Sea logistics as a branch of general logistics is responsible for the analysis and forecasting of the results marine transportation industry is expected to bring. Sea logistics is vital for the UAE due to its geographical location. Bordering with two gulfs, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, water transport plays an important role […]

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How Sport Events Contribute to the Economy of the Hosting Country (FIFA World Cup 2021)

Introduction To begin with, sports and sports events have become an essential and integral part of contemporary culture and people’s pastime. Furthermore, sport-related professions are becoming more and more demanded. Except for the interesting leisure time, people can spend watching and playing sports games. Moreover, many popular sports perform a function of the financial compound […]

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Literature Review on Rail Logistics in the UAE

Summary This research provides the analysis of the profitability of the Etihad Rail project and the benefits, which this project provides to the national economy of the UAE. Though the effectiveness of the infrastructure projects realization for the national economy is provided by the developed countries experience, the risks for the UAE economy still leave […]

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