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Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in Critically Ill Patients

PICO Clinical Question In hospitalized critically ill patients, how does turning and repositioning patients every 2 to 4 hours compared to the use of pressure-redistributing support surfaces prevent pressure ulcers from occurring? P: Hospitalized critically ill patients I: Turning and repositioning the patient every two to four hours C: Pressure redistributing support surfaces O: Prevent […]

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PICO and Evidence Appraisal Worksheets: Catheter Care in UTI

Purpose: To identify a problem or concern that nursing can change and develop a PICO question to guide the change project. Directions: Use the form below to complete the PICO assignment in Milestone #1. This includes filling in the table with information about your research question and your PICO elements. Step 1: Select the key […]

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Impact of Adequate Follow-Up after Hospitalization of Patients

Research Proposal Follow-up care is the process whereby the doctor contacts patients after the treatment to check the condition of the disease. This exercise is mostly common among cancer patients. Statistics show that they have a 75% chance of managing the disease if they maintain a regular contact with the doctor (Pukkala et al., 2009). […]

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John Hopkins Nursing EBP Process Design for Change Proposal

This proposal identifies a nursing problem that the researcher finds significant enough to warrant a counter solution. The particular problem identified is the lack of hand hygiene education among health workers, which consequently translates to increased healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). The proposal identifies one potential counter solution, which is the introduction of hand hygiene education among […]

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PICO: Database Search for Literature

Abstract The search for resources from online databases is very hectic work especially if the search involves obtaining background information. Through the use of PICO or Problem, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome questions, the search can be narrowed down using keywords and other limitations. The current paper discusses the process of obtaining literature from online databases […]

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Evidenced-based Pharmacology Paper

Tuberculosis is one of the major health concerns in the world. Tuberculosis is an acute or chronic disease usually caused by a bacterial bacillus called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In other occasions, it is cause by Mycobacterium africanum and Mycobacterium bovis. The name ‘tuberculosis’ is derived from cellular structures referred to as tubercles that form in the […]

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