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A memo is one of the most cost-effective methods of communication at work. Inexpensive transmission of messages, simplicity and other advantages make it popular in the modern business world. It is easy to understand them as they are always precise. As they are never long, the staff can save time needed for writing and reading. If there are any disputes, a memo can be a good piece of evidence.

The tone of memorandum writing should be straightforward. It is an informative type of composition different from a typical essay. If an essay refers to certain sources, they are included in the list of references to inform the readers where they can find them. If there are some sources in the memorandum, there is always a bibliography attached as well. Professional memo samples are helpful for the students. They can inspire and motivate inexperienced students to work on their unique memo papers.

Memorandum: Water Shortage in California

TO: Mayor of Los Angeles City FROM: <> SUBJECT: Water Shortage in Los Angeles, California DATE: <> Background A severe drought, which hit California in recent years, has shown that the state’s water supply system is inefficient and unsustainable. Alongside the growing population and the global warming issues, it endangers the future development of local […]

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