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When producing an essay in History, you are supposed to collect, analyze, and convert a large amount of historical data into a comprehensible text. Close attention should be paid to the word count requirements. You should not exceed the stated number of words. It is worth emphasizing that this kind of an essay has to be particularly informative so that readers can comprehend the highlighted subject fully. The presented material has to be structured properly making it easy for readers to keep track of your train of thought. Note that a properly written essay is proof of your awareness of both the matter under consideration and the techniques used to investigate it. Take some time to understand what is expected from you when discussing the given essay prompt. You should know that the types of prompts vary when it goes about history essays and all of them (prompts) have to be covered in a specific way. It means that you need to carefully scrutinize the posed question before starting writing your paper and realize whether you are supposed to analyze a specific issue, interpret it, or debate. If you know exactly what you have to do, you will be able to create a reasonable and fascinating piece of writing. Once you clearly understand the purpose of your paper, you may start researching the subject. As soon as all relevant material is gathered, you should start formulating a thesis statement. Then, it is necessary to produce a detailed plan which you will follow when writing your essay. Keep in mind that a good plan will help you arrange your ideas and notes in the right manner. As a result, you will be able to maintain a smooth and logical flow of information and make your essay engaging. Check out the free history essay samples below.

Strategies by Terrorists: Jihadists

Jihadists require new members to keep their movement going. To do this, they target people who are vulnerable to their radicalization. Additionally, they use several tools to achieve their radicalization process. This essay discusses the approaches and tools used to convince the youth to join jihadists. One of the elements used to induce impressionable young […]

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Asian American History

According to the 2010 population census, it is estimated that about 9% of American citizens trace their heritage to Asia (U.S. Census Bureau 27). Particularly, the unique immigration characteristics between Asia and the USA have made the relationship between the unique and integral in their developmental experience. Asians and Asian Americans have played an important […]

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Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi was a Muslim mathematician and astronomer who had a great impact on the development of science in the Arab world. Unfortunately, his contribution is often underestimated compared to Western scholars. In fact, he was a man of wisdom who increased the importance of education during his lifetime. He wrote his works […]

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The Criminal Justice Systems in the United States and Haiti

The criminal justice system involves government agencies charged with the responsibility of solving issues with crimes and other criminal behaviors. Generally in the United States, such government agencies function at the federal, state, and local public levels. In other democratic states, the criminal justice system agencies are incorporated into the legislative, judicial, and the executive […]

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Ancient African History

Question #1: The Penetration of Islam in Nigeria The spread of Islam in West Africa began as a result of Da’wah activities, which spread to the state of Al-Muraabitten, Gabon, Mali and to other states. However, in relation to Nigeria, the penetration of Islam can be traced back to the 9th century CE; it occurred […]

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Honor and Society in Pre-Modern Japanese History

The concept of honor extends both outside and inside, meaning the social standing and the self-respect. Honor as public recognition comes in two ways. The social status is inherited at birth from family, and a reputation, or name, is acquired on the basis of virtuous deeds. As for the value of a person in his/her […]

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