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What Is a Reference List?

Most of the academic papers require well-formatted reference lists with enumerated sources used in the assignment. It is essential to make sure that every source, from which you have taken a quote or some fact or which you have summarized or paraphrased, has to be included in the list of references formatted in accordance with the style needed.

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A top-rated reference list writing service will be of great help for those who have to give a chance for the readers to access the books or articles which you have cited. The references should be listed on a separate page at the end of the paper. Do not forget to keep to an alphabetical order while presenting your used sources if you have citations from them in the paper. Those sources that you have read for general awareness but have not used for quotes and citations, should be excluded from the list unless the professor provided a specific instruction that requests otherwise.

A professional reference list writing service at Supreme-thesis.com will provide you with valuable assistance if you suddenly realize that it is rather complicated to trace the sources used for the citations although at the very beginning you used to believe that it is not a problem. The sources you can find online are not always credible and the quality of your paper may deteriorate if you use them. Fortunately, the range of services we provide is wide, and one of them is to work on the list of references for any paper.

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What does an APA Reference List Cover?

The items on the list should be presented with the included full information about the source:

  • Name of the author.
  • Publication date.
  • Title.
  • Where it is taken from.
  • Some sources require extra details to be included, so you have to double-check on each of them.

Work on a List of References: Basic Rules to Follow

Actually, it is not possible to give universal provisions for all entries on the reference lists, but still, there are some general guidelines to keep to, developed by our expert reference list writing service:

  • The title “References” should be placed in the center on the top of the page in bold font.
  • The page should be double spaced.
  • The list should be built on the basis of the alphabetical order by the last names of the authors.
  • Every source should have a hanging indent on the list, so all lines after the first one in the paragraph should have a larger indentation in comparison with the first one. How to do that quickly? Just use a shortcut CTRL+T after you have highlighted the citation.

Rules of Keeping the Correct Alphabetical Order of the Print Sources

  • The page of references is organized on the basis of the author’s or editor’s name.
  • Provided that there is no name of the editor or author, the first letter of the title should be taken into account with the exception of the articles a, an, or the.
  • If there are several sources of the same authors, the arrangement is made by the publication date in chronological order.


Price, D. (2018, March 23). Laziness does not exist. Medium. https://humanparts.medium.com/laziness-does-not-exist-3af27e312d01
Newspaper on the list of references

Schultz, S. (2005, December). Calls made to strengthen state energy policies. The Country Today, 1A, 2A.

Journal Articles

Denny, H., Nordlof, J., & Salem, L. (2018). “Tell me exactly what it was that I was doing that was so bad.” Writing Center Journal, 37(1), 67–98. https://www.jstor.org/stable/26537363


Stoneman, R. (2008). Alexander the Great: A life in legend. Yale University Press.


Del Toro, G. (Director). (2006). Pan’s labyrinth [Film]. Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Why do the Employers Need References from the Applicants?

Our reference list writing service can also work on the references that will clearly demonstrate your job qualifications and credentials to future employers? During the job search, you will use them to impress the hiring managers. It is important not to leave this kind of writing with an idea to take it later on when there is no time for thorough preparation. You also need some extra time to contact the people who have referenced you to clarify if you can give their contact information as it is possible that a hiring manager will contact them.

It is natural for the company to request your credentials and proof of your qualification and expertise and then to verify the information with the people who have provided their references to you. It may happen at the stage when the company representatives are taking a final decision and choosing the successful candidate. Your task is to do proper formatting of the list of references with the included materials of applications that the employer will definitely need in the hiring process.

We cannot even count how many job applicants and students have enjoyed the benefits of our service. We hire the specialists, who used to be professors and teachers and test their skills to be sure that your orders will be processed by top quality experts. Our reference list writing service takes the responsibilities we have very seriously and we want to help our customers with everything they find complicated.

You should let us know about the structure and standards of formatting required in your particular case and we will apply all the knowledge we have to ensure the top results. We have trained our writers in the use of all possible styles of formatting: MLA, APA, Oxford, Vancouver, Chicago, CBE, Harvard, AMA, Turabian, IEEE, ASA, and any other. There is also an option called “Other” on the list of services we provide and you can just click on it and specify the guidelines for the writers. Moreover, we know about numerous cases when a particular college or university provided particular requirements in terms of formatting which were different from those accepted generally. Our customized reference list writing help can take into account any specifications and follow exactly the instructions you provide. We give unique papers as you can even request specific margins, headers, indentation, font size, font type, and any other element of the required style.

You can request a VIP service from our company and that will give you a guarantee that a top 10 writer will be assigned to your paper. Mention the required discipline and get everything done in accordance both with your individual instructions and general academic rules. All the included sources will be formatted perfectly with the guaranteed relevance to the topic of your research. All our VIP Client benefit from the benefits of this honorable status as well.

One of the convincing arguments in favor of the service we provide is our 24/7 accessibility. The quality of customer service and our eagerness to serve you right come second to none. Even having a part-time job, most of the students cannot afford even the most essential things, so we make sure that our qualified reference list writing help is affordable for the clients. Never compromising on the quality, we provide the writing and formatting services that impress with their excellence.

We Adhere to All Deadlines

If you request for an annotated bibliography to be written within several hours only, we will definitely accept this condition and submit the required paper within the timeframe you specified. We are effective and committed, and that will be your guarantee of timely delivery from us.

We Offer a Personalized Approach

Monitor the writing and track every moment of the writer’s work. What you need is to have every requirement met. Most probably, you are a first-timer in academic writing but you want to be comfortable at your college with the papers that can bring you success. We offer marvelous reference list writing help and also promise that all your details will be private. No breach of confidentiality in our company.

We offer reference lists for various papers:

  • Research papers.
  • Essays.
  • Term papers.
  • Application letters.
  • Dissertations.
  • Case studies, etc.

Not only formatting but also proofreading and editing of the papers is possible if you contact us and send us a corresponding request. Get an outstanding experience of cooperation with us 24/7. Even the minor comments from you will be a serious instruction for us. Getting tons of tasks to do, you will soon hate your mission as a student. Instead, you can share your responsibilities with us and get out of a trap you got into.

Our reference list writing help and other services company ensure:

  • Money-back guarantees.
  • Customers’ confidentiality.
  • Great quality of all papers.
  • Saving time.
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