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Double-Decker Seating

Advantages: the futuristic model of airbus double-decker seating has innovative design of seats with mezzanine arrangement targeting first and business class cabins. The split-level seats will be separated by the central row. It will divide the area between the upper level and cabin floor. The side-stairs will be implanted to the row of seats on the lower level while each of the seats will lie back. Thus, the mezzanine level would be free so that the passengers will have access to their seats. It will bring not only comfort benefit, but also economical incomes. First, the number of sold tickets will increase because of the bigger amount of passengers. Second, in the business class part, there will be more space.

Disadvantages: The space between rows of seats will be very small. Although the elevation of the deck-structure will be concentrated on the higher level, the maximized usage of space in salon will affect the comfort of passengers, especially the ones using economy class.

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SkyDeck Viewing Dome

Advantages: the viewing dome SkyDeck is the project that the U.S. aerospace tech company actively maintains and sponsors. The passenger seats will be situated inside this dome, which is made of durable materials in the aerodynamic shape. Along with that, such materials will provide good resistance against sunrays and fog in the salon. Such construction will be available for both wide-bodied commercial airplanes and private jets. The SkyDeck dome reminds a transparent bubble-style canopy; hence, it will allow passengers to observe the view of sky and lands from the upper side. The seats construction allows its rotation.

Disadvantages: it can spoil comfort of some passengers sitting in margins near the staircase as the access to the seats will be through them or elevator. Also, there might be a queue as the elevators are small and it will take some time for them to go up and back down to take another group of passengers.

MaxCabin Seating

Advantages: it will provide a faster boarding and exit as well as better safety on the plane. The replacement of seats will have an inward facing principle of set-up on both sides of the aircraft. The two additional rows will be located in the middle that will 1) require minimal building and operational costs; 2) contain more passengers for less payment.

Disadvantages: 1) applicable for short-haul flights; 2) reduced salon food services as the space left will not allow moving trolleys along the plane.

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Air Lair Seat Model

Advantages: the Zodiac seats model has a cocoon form, and seats are situated on top of each other. The benefit of such model is that the passenger can decide himself which position to choose: horizontal or vertical.

Disadvantages: 1) “uneconomical service” (Brueckner, 2007, n. p.); 2) such construction can largely limit or complicate movements of the passengers, especially if they have physical impairments.

Economy Class Cabin Hexagon

Advantages: as this model is a special continuation of the cocoon Zodiac seats, it has similar advantages. Additionally, the hexagonal formation will optimize the space and setup of passengers. The idle seat will be able to turn at an angle of 180 degrees, which will compensate some lack of space.

Disadvantage: the principle of the seats location makes passengers see faces of each other; also, their hands will not be placed properly due to this design. This frequent eye contact may be uncomfortable and confusing.

Detachable Cabin

Advantages: 1) official approval of the U.S. Patent Office, which is the structure ensuring the appropriate safety and comfort of passengers; 2) innovative detachable cabins for boarding before the passengers arrive. After arrival, the passengers’ cabins will be transported right to the aircraft; 3) fast mobilization of the passengers’ transfer; 4) saving time expended at the airport terminals and queues; 5) improved security control.

Disadvantage: slow pace of passengers’ aircraft boarding (filling the cabins, etc.). On the other hand, the number of planes that pursue the same route may fall, and margin airline companies will get benefit from that.

Rescue Capsule Cabin

Advantages: 1) it is one of the safest models of aviation construction: it provides passengers’ safety on all levels of flight, whether take-off or landing on the ground or water. The main purpose of this idea is saving lives in case of aircraft accidents; 2) proper materials were used for safety measures. The producers will use carbon and Kevlar all around the construction, and robber tubes will prevent the airplane from sinking in the water. In addition, in case of falling on the ground, the rubber will soften the clash; 3) the construction allows instant release of the parachutes from the top of cabin; 4) enough space for luggage underneath the cabin.

Disadvantages: the negative consequence of the cabin isolation is improper system and planning on how to escape from the crash when it is impossible even to see what is happening. In addition, the airframe of this model is weaker than the standard one because of the separation of fuselage and body, while other plans have a whole fuselage.

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Force Field

Advantages: it repels the shockwave with the help of electromagnetic arc. The system sensors detect the blasts before actual crash through the plasma field.

Disadvantage: this safety technology is available for repelling of the shockwave only. Other specific innovative safety measures are on the stage of planning and development.

Windowless Cockpits

Advantages: the front landing gear with the projected aerodynamic system of the cockpit. The innovative approach is teh establishment of the 3D view screens on the place of illuminators. Holographic displays will show weather forecast and provide navigation data. Finally, the pilots will have a wider field of view.

Disadvantage: the aircraft will have reduced weight because of the cockpit without windows. Potentially, his weight may decrease the security of the aircraft.

Flying Doughnut

Advantages: 1) the construction of cabin has more space in salon; 2) resistance to cabin pressurization; 3) economy efficiency.

Disadvantages: the two rings structure (business class passengers in the middle and economy class on margins) may cause sickening feelings of people with weak vestibular system.

Terrorist Trap Doors

Advantages: 1) proper security system installed with the high-intensity blinding light, strobe light, lighting master shut off for the cabin, window darkening devices, fogging gas, noise generators, and a night-vision video camera that has a tranquilizer dart gun attached to it (Carrington, 2015, n. p.); 2) powerful sensors identifying suspicious actions on the board.

Disadvantages: installed sensors, cameras and microphones can particularly break people’s privacy rights and consequently affect their comfort. There is the threat of fake blaming passenger if sensor identifies wrong.

Virtual Reality Helmet

Advantages: virtual reality can interrupt passengers when the trip is and transfer them to any other reality. The diffusing images with specific smelling substances can be a good method against phobia of those passengers who suffer from this disease.

Disadvantages: there is no proper information about how the helmets work in case it stops working or other additional sensors warn about threats. In addition, the brain will take some time to come back to the normal reality, which can additionally have a negative effect on security measurements.

Smart Windows

Advantages: 1) temperature control on the board with the help of implanted intelligent membranes; 2) recreation zones with the bar, working and relaxation zones; 3) greater recline and space for passengers; 4) wider windows that provide better view along with functional touchscreen walls.

Disadvantages: 1) it is more expensive than an average trip; 2) it requires a lot of space, but smaller amount of people will fit there if to consider the size between seats and places at the recreation zones needed for all passengers.

Solar Eclipse Window Shades

Advantage: an accent on solar energy exploitation: converting solar radiation into resource for charging gadgets and energy independence of the aircraft.

Disadvantage: disproportion in solar energy granting; it will have better delivery to the passengers seating near the window.

Sleep Support System

Advantage: opportunity for passengers to take horizontal position during the trip and have a good sleep due to specific equipment with orthopedic functions.

Disadvantage: there is no guarantee of safety against traumas due to the low insurance and differences in the height of passengers.

Knee-Rescue Seat

Advantage: more space and comfort for passengers of different height, as the distance between chairs will allow them to relax legs. Portative system provides automatic regulation of movement of the seats in backward and forward directions based on the received measures and data on the sizes of each passenger.

Disadvantage: there is no opportunity to change settings manually, which will not allow making corrections if system crashes.

Battery Powered Planes

Advantages: the technology of creation electricity powered aircrafts allows reducing emissions of the machines. The first attempt to cross the English Channel was successful, and in the future, the plain will contain 100 people.

Disadvantage: safety regulations require improvement; hence, they are not in priority yet.

Supersonic Passenger Planes

Advantage: this supersonic jet has stronger engines that allow fly higher and faster due to the turbojets reaching the speed of sound.

Disadvantage: small passengers’ containment capacity despite their comfort zone will not be improved much.

Panasonic Waterfront Concept Suite

Advantages: 1) The LED light source would enable smartphones to interact with the optical ID signals which contain different types of information (Kollau, 2016, n. p.); 2) climate and temperature control implants; 3) wireless charging system and USB available as well as in-flight entertainment system control.

Disadvantage: integration of personal devices with the waterfront technology system may lead to the deterioration of connection speed and uncontrolled privacy settings (at least at the beginning).

Smart Trays

Advantages: 1) “convenience, comfort, superior ergonomics, and improved space management” (Smart Tray International LLC, 2015, n. p.); 2) cheap price and practitioner simplicity; 3) comfortable seating zone.

Disadvantages: 1) “86% of those surveyed said they would stay connected to WIFI longer” (Smart Tray International LLC, 2016, n. p.); 2) it limits movements of passengers especially when the one passenger needs to give a place for seating and leaving to the other one.

I think that solar eclipse window shades is the most proper model for commercial aviation industry as it provides benefits in ecological, service, and security aspects. The direction of solar energy and autonomization of the aircraft engine is a good decision as well as a proper net service for passengers. Besides, the special curtains will not spoil the view, and the minor disadvantage with energy delivery does not matter much when the traffic price is affordable for average citizen.

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