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Virtually any student’s nightmare begins with a phrase ‘You are going to have a test next week’. Every exam is a stress, and while some of us can catch the adrenaline wave and work well under stress, other feel anxious and overwhelmed. If you need to buy questions and answers online, you need to first pay attention to all the questions types in terms of exam assessment.

Questions and Answers Help

Have you ever thought about the test and questions you are answering in terms of the form and type? It is a well-known fact that different types of questions are meant to focus on different data or information. However, we have also noticed there is the correlation between the type of question and the subject (or discipline).

The Most Popular Types of Question Assignments

One-Words Question Answers

We all know an old test where you had to provide an answer with just one word. It is simple and generic and may be used in all tests. The only trick we have ever seen with such questions is the word form (verb/noun, singular/plural).

Yes/No Questions

Also known as true/false questions, they are focusing on the data or facts stated in the sentence. If at least one part or word of the sentence is not correct, the whole thing should be marked as false (on no). Be careful and attentive, as some professors tend to switch the places of the answers.

Multiple Choice Questions

Depending on the academic level, you may see 3 to 5 alternatives within one question with the general tendency of 1 right answer. While reading the question, try to eliminate all the improbable options and focus on what makes more sense.


You will be asked to re-state the first sentence so its meaning is similar to the second one. Look for the synonyms and words being close in meaning.

Fill-In Questions

Dealing with this type of questions on answer test might be a bit easier if you have a pool of options listed above the text. However, if you have to come up with your own options, it might be safer to fill in only those parts you are completely sure about. This type if more common for English test, Literature and Humanity Studies.


Dealing with such questions, you will have to either match the notions to its definition or find the second half of the sentence. Look for the prepositions or transitions to help you match the correct parts of the sentences. Your responses should make sense and be consistent with the topics you have studied.

Polishing Errors

Find the mistakes in the given text or paragraph and correct them. You may look for grammar, spelling, factual or logic inconsistencies in the task. Do not think too much about this task and do not let yourself see the mistake where there is none.

Open-End Questions

One of the most hated types of questions, as it requires a longer answer within the word limit and is supposed to test both your knowledge and ability to analyze the information. Before you answer a question, make sure you know the answer and have planned the structure of your response.

Numerical Answer

If you are taking a Physics, Business, Math or Calculus test, you will be asked to provide some sort of calculations for the given task. Depending on the individual requirements you may not have to do the math on an answer sheet. In some extremely rare cases, you may find out that you discussion reply may be an exam. In this case, you should prepare well for writing it and make sure it presents your knowledge well enough.

How Short Should My Short Answer Be?

This depends on the academic level, your subject, and instructions from your professor. If a high-school Science test may well mean 10 to 20 words, a University level assessment will require you to write at least 150 words.

Questions and Answers Essay

Unlike a short answer response, a question and answer essay is designed to make students find the logical connections between the given ideas, notions and questions. If you have found such type of assignment in your test, you may well need to look through some essay examples on our website to get the essence of the essay and its structure. Before you begin writing your answer essay, double check the requirements, as you may have a difference in requirements (for example, some professors let you skip an introduction part, however, the summary is mandatory).



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Advantages of Working with Supreme-Thesis.com if You Decide to Buy Questions and Answers

Having many competitors on the market, we had to set ourselves apart and provide you not only with high-quality services but with some benefits of our cooperation!

  • 5 questions per page (or 300 words for open-end questions). For the word-count option, the questions themselves are not counted so you are not paying for all those long questions and tortuous phraseology.
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  • Great variety of academic levels, types of services and deadlines, so every student can find what they need.

How to Purchase Answers for Questions?

The process of ordering short answer questions is simple, and consists of four major steps:

  1. Provide personal information (which is safe and sound with us);
  2. Describe the type of assignment you need help with (in your case it is an answer short response which falls under Questions-Answers type of assignment);
  3. Upload any additional files to help us pass the exams on your behalf;
  4. Pay for your order (using PayPal or credit card).

Yes, it is as easy as that! Our expert will begin their work as soon as we receive your money.

It does not really matter if you need our help with short-answer exam or homework answers, Supreme-Thesis.com is always here to help you achieve great academic results. We are a respectful writing service whose primary goal is to help students. Place your order right now if you feel like the pressure of an approaching exam is too much to handle for you.

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