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Writing dissertation methodology is a complicated process that requires to explain the application of particular methods or techniques used to determine, choose, and analyze research data. This part has to provide 2 essential answers: in which way information was gathered, and how it was analyzed. It should be written straight and always in the past tense.

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Writing Dissertation Methodology

Your methodology part goes directly after the literature review in your work. Before that, you have already determined your research matter and carried a review in detail of what other scientists in the sphere can mention about your theme. You have also checked the ways in which these scientists have reached their results – the hypothesis on which their work is built, the theoretical frameworks they have operated on, and the techniques they have used to collect and introduce their work. You will have to use these observations together with discussion with your lecturer, to decide in which way you will develop your research matter. After this, your dissertation methodology part gives a detailed explanation of how you will approach your work.

The dissertation methodology chapter is a part of your scientific document that involves a selection of scientific algorithms. The author uses them to reach the pointed purpose and direction of the research methodology dissertation. When describing what methodology is, a student has to explain every used algorithm while creating a work: all research methodology for a dissertation should be attentively selected and depicted. Do not mention the methods you did not use a lot, and do not use examples of other people as they can be wrongly done.

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Your methodology should create a clear connection between your research matter, the existing scholarship in your sphere, and the ways by which you’ll come to your conclusions. Your methodology part should involve:

  • Resume of your research matter(s). You have to resume the main issues you want to answer when presenting your methodology, but it should be rephrased to combine it with the literature review.
  • Depiction of your method. This is the golden mean of the methodology but is not, by itself, a methodology. This is the section of writing dissertation methodology where you plainly describe your process of collecting and analyzing information, or for approaching your research matter. This has to be clear in and in detail that another scientist can read it and use it for his own need, beyond the context of your work. If you’re depicting a scientific experiment, your viewer supposes to have all they require to repeat your experiment in a lab.
  • The background for your design selection. Your methodology doesn’t simply depict your method; it explains the reasons why you’ve selected it, and why think it will bring the great results, the most discerning complex of analyses and conclusions, or the most innovative possibility. It should be very plain to your viewer that the methodology you’ve selected is a mindful and tailored response to the main questions.
  • An estimation of your selection of method. No research technique is ideal, and it’s likely that the one you’ve selected comes with specific compromise. You might, for example, have selected a small complex of interviews because the separate opinions of a set of interviewees on the matter you’re developing are more beneficial to you than a bigger complex of information about answers to the same question.

While the plan of writing methodology for a dissertation will look similar regardless of your subject, elements can be quite variable depending on the discipline sphere in which you’re studying. Let’s have a look at some of the most general types of dissertations.

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Different Kinds of Methodology for Secondary Research Dissertation

Writing dissertation methodology can be divided into two general groups: theoretical and empirical. You should obligatorily use both of them in your work as the size of your thesis is huge. Let’s learn each one separately.

  • Theoretical techniques. By nature, theoretical methods are abstract and generalized. They report for the systemization of practical material. Methods of scientific research are divided into the next groups: axiomatic, formalization, dissertation abstract, and general logical techniques. General logical techniques involve logical analysis, cognitive synthesis, necessary deduction, and analogy.
  • Empirical techniques. Empirical methods give us an opportunity to explore the practical aspect and the achieved results. On a ground of these methods particular records are gathered and tabulated, the case can then be determined and depicted. Empirical techniques involve observation, qualitative comparison, accurate measurement, and unique experiment.

Observation is a procedure that is described by performance and cognition. It is built on the human feelings which are considered to be fundamental and ordinary: these observations bring to results that are not grounded on a wish, will, and senses.

Comparison promotes the foundation of analogy and distinction of events, subjects, and the measurement determines the numerical meaning of the unknown quantity in its units.

Through the mediation of the experiment, it is possible to discover the unrepeatable features and informatics about objects: this algorithm is extremely helpful in writing dissertation methodology.

You have to say about all the methods in your research outline. The questionnaire indicates that an outline assists students to manage more easily with the dissertation.

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The Importance of Writing a Methodology for a Dissertation

The methodology section is a scheme of the research work that is used as a plan. Typically, the methodologies involve different research techniques, for instance: interviews, data collection and its analysis, questionnaires, practical tests, and so on.

Substantially, this part serves as a basis for your selection for research techniques. Pay attention that this part has to be tightly connected with the literature part. That is means, each technique should assist the appropriate theme of the literature review.

Speaking about the kinds of methods, you can use both of them: empirical and non-empirical methods. Clearly, writing dissertation methodology part requires more time when you choose empirical methods since you have to look for additional information. The central goal of the methodology is to picture your methods of approaching your matters. The research design is a technique that assists to realize what you have to get while proceeding research.

There is also a necessity to create a plan that shows how exactly you are planning to explore the main theme of your work. There are two central ways of checking out themes – qualitative and quantitative.

As we have already told above, there are several research techniques among which you will need to select the ones that match your work properly. The most popular are interviews, questionnaires, observations, documentary analysis.

The interview is the form of a dialogue between a researcher and the second person who provides useful information. Questionnaires are used for receiving qualitative and quantitative information. They can be promptly given to a big number of people, but this information will not be as detailed as the previous method. The interesting fact about observations is that members are not informed about taking part in the experiment that is why the results are more trustworthy. The documentary analysis technique considers gathering information thanks to learning documents, the so-called physical materials.

Nevertheless, if you decide that writing dissertation methodology is a complicated task for you, do not hesitate to ask about dissertation methodology writing service.

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Final Note

You have to explain in which way you achieved and analyzed your findings for the next reasons:

  • the viewer has to realize how selected method impacts the findings and, as a result, how you interpreted their importance in the debate part of your work
  • the viewer wants to check if the information was gathered in a way that matches with accepted practice in the sphere of study.

Your techniques should be proper according to the general purpose of the dissertation.

Your methodology is an essential part of your work, which shows your skill to synthesize the whole data in your sphere and your ability to create original research based on the traditions of your subject to respond to your research issue (s). That is why your dissertation methodology has to propose meaning in and of itself and be both meticulous and imitable. You have to present your dissertation in the best possible light.

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