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Executive Summary

Quality control is a complex process that entails inspecting commodities or services to ensure they adhere to set quality standards. This paper will evaluate the Taco restaurant in detail in order to reveal how it is improving its quality through several activities. There are many aspects of this business that could be enhanced to improve the quality of service provision and production. The report will investigate different departments of the restaurant to discover ways of quality control implementation. It is paramount to evaluate activities of other notable contributors, such as customers and stakeholders, which significantly affect the quality of the business.

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Data collection methods used were interviews with several staff members, observations, and questionnaires (Evans & Lindsay, 2011). The methods proved to be beneficial because there were enough findings to conclude the quality control procedures use in the Taco restaurant. Interviews were conducted mainly with the quality management team since its members were the most cooperative. Detailed opinions helped to explain why the restaurant has performed well for the past five years since its introduction. On the other hand, questionnaires inquired about service provision and customer satisfaction. Some of the questions touched upon the participation of Taco restaurant top management to ensure the issue of quality is maintained. The most efficient way of gathering information was observation. The team watched how services were provided, as well as how employees interacted with customers and management. In such a way, this observation helped to understand more details, which could not have been obtained through other data collection methods (Evans & Lindsay, 2011). This process facilitated the identification of failure in quality control and other areas that needed improvement. Data analysis involved the use of regression to determine correct assumptions from the findings.

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Research findings showed that the Taco restaurant involves its employees in the improvement of the quality of its services. After the interviews, the responses of employees motivated the management to listen to their ideas and complaints. Additionally, the results showed mistakes in the administration of the restaurant that hindered the production of higher quality products. Some of these flaws include poor planning due to the fluctuating number of customers, low employee motivation, and unpleasing condition of the restaurant premise (Jones, 2012). All these challenges affected the client’s turn-up in the restaurant and reduced the quality of the food provided.

The conclusion of the report touches on the issues that Taco restaurant focuses on to enhance service provision. One important remark is that quality control is not only a manager’s responsibility but also a collective activity of all stakeholders and employees of the restaurant.


The report focuses on different ways of quality improvement chosen by the Taco restaurant because this line of business is sensitive. The primary objective of the paper is to identify how quality affects the performance of this business. Furthermore, the report aims to explain that the restaurant has not improved its sales volume because of the challenges it is facing, trying to enhance service provision. Taco restaurant has set various quality standards that it aims to achieve with the help of its employees (Jones, 2012). The management of the restaurant aims at achieving maximum output because it is a well-known business in the area. In addition, there is a need to realize that the organization has about 30 employees, which means that it is a large investment. For this reason, Taco requires a well-defined quality control plan that will cater to its rising productivity due to the increasing market. The restaurant primarily deals in varieties, such as pork taco with pineapple salsa, shrimps, fish, bean salad and corn, which, according to observation, are the most favorite dishes of most visitors. The report explicitly tells about different techniques of quality control that the restaurant applies.

Taco Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its delicacies and customer friendly employees. It is located in Atlanta, which means there are also other competitors. Hence, the reason it strives to be the best becomes understandable. The mission of Taco is to ensure customers have an enjoyable experience that they cannot forget and to make them wish to visit the place again. Customer satisfaction seems to be the primary target of the business. The target clients of Taco are students studying in nearby colleges in Atlanta. The welfare of its staff is also important for Taco. That is why it has introduced a pension scheme for them. The objective is to motivate them to work towards meeting the goals of this organization. After a thorough investigation, the findings revealed that the organizational structure of Taco is very detailed (Ryan, 2014). First, their chief is a manager Mr. Ben Robinson who is also the owner of Taco. He ensures that all issues facing the business pass through him, especially complaints concerning maintenance, customers, and food quality.

However, different units in Taco restaurants also have managers responsible for the control of certain departments. For instance, there are a sales manager, kitchen manager, and accounts manager. All these departments play important roles in Taco because they contribute to final product quality and service efficiency. The kitchen department is responsible for kitchen cleanness, providing regular cleaning and disinfection. Its manager also controls the preparation of food to avoid mixing ingredients and confusion. The beverage manager in Taco restaurant deals with the delivery of drinks of all kinds, ensuring that all customers are served in a timely manner. There are also head bartenders, hostesses, executive chefs, and bussers, who ensure customers obtain their seats easily. The executive chef focuses on menus, checking their correctness and the right mix up of flavors in the kitchen. It is vital to evaluate the performance of these departments because it shows whether the business is progressing or making a loss.

Data Collection

Different data collection methods used in gathering information on Taco restaurants involve interviews, questionnaires, and observation. The executive chef, hostesses, and line cooks were available for the interview that lasted for thirty minutes for each of them (Ryan, 2014). According to the executive chef, the restaurant has always searched for better recipes or dishes offered. It has always facilitated the availability of a variety of food customers can choose from and taste. The chef, who has the task to guarantee that the food served is made according to standards, has always strived to have access to menus that could be served. He pointed out the fact that Taco has maintained a discrete recipe book as a competitive strategy. He also stressed that the efforts of the business to gather other ingredients are steps to enhance the already high quality of food. It is attributed to fewer complaints received from customers. An interview with the line cooks revealed that Taco restaurant does keep track of the cooking practices of its employees.

Such actions have benefited the restaurant because frequent supervision has enabled continued preparation of healthy and delicious dishes. Taco appreciates its cooks because the kitchen manager would come to check their work at any time. In these visits, he would inquire about the progress so far and any probable challenges that could be resolved. After observing the work of the staff, for instance, hostesses, it became apparent that they arranged the seats in a proper manner. They would ensure each customer is welcomed well and guided to their seats to avoid any commotion. Additionally, hostesses would ask customers about their preferences before serving them. Clients would show appreciation for the warm welcome they receive. Furthermore, hostesses would approach customers with their appealing language and body expressions that would make the majority of them want to come back (Ryan, 2014). All these efforts are geared towards improving the image of the restaurant and the quality of the services offered.

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Aspects of Quality that Taco Restaurant Controls

Quality at Taco is defined by many aspects, for instance, quality of services and food. The main purpose of the restaurant is to receive customer satisfaction of services, guaranteeing the clients leave the place with a feeling that their money was not wasted since the food was worth paying for. Since Taco is located in a business district, it is not that difficult to receive customer praises and positive comments. The reason is that most people after work relax in the restaurant, and they always come back since the food and services are top-notch. The management would ask clients about their experience after finishing their meals to keep up with this turn-up. Hostesses would also approach a particular customer to ask if he or she would want anything else.

Time seems essential for Taco employees, especially when it comes to serving the food. The restaurant, as a promoter of quality, highly regards this factor. The speed at which they usually serve is spectacular. One of them would serve about ten customers within five minutes. This is very encouraging even for clients because they do not seat there for long waiting for their food (Ryan, 2014). Another aspect that shows that Taco controls its quality of products and services is an emphasis on customer-friendly staff. It was observed that employees would ensure that a slight spill, for instance, would be handled in the shortest time possible. Most clients would positively react to such a minor failure, which would show the way they are pleased with the work of the restaurant staff. It should be mentioned that the restaurant is well decorated with green flowers placed as centerpieces, which makes the interior look appealing and relaxing. It enhances the quality of the business because customers feel comfortable, enjoying elements of nature and forgetting about the busy streets of Atlanta. Moreover, the management has provided different colors for the clothing used to cover tables and cutleries. Once a person enters Taco, you can notice his positive first impression of the beautiful layout of the restaurant. The decoration pattern used in Taco suits people with different preferences. Hence, the staff demonstrates different available colors for clients to choose from.

Apart from the attractive decoration of the place, the environment is spotless, and the air seems very cool. This is the reason people would stay there longer; sometimes, it seems they do not want to leave at all (Webber & Wallace, 2011). As soon as a customer leaves, the staff would come quickly to clean the table, ensuring that it is ready for another guest. The investigation revealed that the staff is pleased with their work because of the dedication they show, especially in keeping the place tidy. There were no signs of dirt around, and that is why the atmosphere there was lively. The findings from the questionnaires showed that the hygienic environment is a top priority for the staff and the management of Taco. They revealed that the managers require each member of the staff to maintain tidy surroundings so as to attract more potential clients.

As stipulated by the interviewees, it is important to keep hygiene not only of the restaurant’s environment but also of the waiters. One of them stated that keeping proper self-hygiene is a motivation to work harder and gain satisfaction from it (Webber & Wallace, 2011). Besides, it gives them a sense of self-respect since, looking gorgeous and presentable, they are able to approach clients with confidence. Observation revealed that Taco does well because of the highly motivated staff and managers who do round check-ups. Constant supervision is helpful because it gives them the confidence to communicate with their superiors without fear. Taco has placed television sets and musical instruments at strategic corners to entertain the customers. Hence, people can keep themselves busy while they are waiting for the ordered food (Williams, 2010). It shows that Taco appreciates emerging technology and wants to make its potential clients feel comfortable. Taco restaurant has chosen several ways to control quality and, at the same time, increase sales volume. All these means are fundamental because customer satisfaction is the key to success and profit enhancement.

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This study has proven that the need for quality control is evident. The increase in the quality of food and services results in a vast variety of advantages. Most businesses ensure employee welfare is top-notch. Therefore, people become motivated to work towards the achievement of both organizational and individual goals. It is paramount to guarantee a reduction of mistakes as well as fruitful communication between superiors and employees in order to achieve success in business. The case study helped to define different ways Taco restaurant is using to please its customers and ensure they come back again (Williams, 2010). Furthermore, various methods of quality control are implemented not only by the staff but also by the management that supervises all essential activities. Frequent check-ups ensure improvement in the functioning and implementation of services in order to enhance customer satisfaction. For this reason, quality control should be the main concern not only of a restaurant but of any business that aspires to succeed. Every business should strive to increase its productivity, and quality improvement is a way to achieve it.

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