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HR Plan

HR planning is the background for the productive work of the organization. Such planning always requires an accurate projection of the employees’ future work and demands on them. Obviously, such a plan is the task of the company’s HR department. In small companies, only one person typically represents this department. Therefore, it is crucial for this person to be skillful and smart enough to initiate the appropriate action in case of various circumstances and ensure the holistic service for the proper work of all departments of the organization. A single representative has to handle more obstacles at work as the only worker bears the responsibilities that may be distributed among the members of the team. Nevertheless, the aim of the present paper is to introduce the Human Resources program of one of the hand-made cosmetics producer Ceano Cosmetics to prove that the major characteristics of the plan and all its components remain consistent with the core values of the company on all levels.

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Ceano Cosmetics is a relatively small organization engaged in the cosmetics industry, which employs around 60 people including the office workers and the manufacturers that produce cosmetics manually. The company has four stores and the main office in one town. Therefore, the HR of Ceano Cosmetics will have to manage all workers and activities in the shops as well as in the office. Another important duty of this position is to select the appropriate candidates for the manufacturing, sales, supply chain, and other departments. Moreover, providing appropriate trainings and career development for all workers, offering them the decent compensation and ensuring that all the legal demands are met, are further aspects that need to be necessarily considered. Basically, the effective HR plan provides the ability to win more customers and ensure the growth of the company due to the effective application of the administrative skills, compensation, administrative development, training, the usage of the information systems, employees’ relations management, and staff employment (Schramm, 2015). With regard to these skills, the HR manager of Ceano Cosmetics has to ensure the optimistic atmosphere at all stages of the planning and further work.

Recruitment and Selection Plan

As mentioned above, the HR manager at Ceano Cosmetics is highly responsible for the productiveness of the organization and proper functioning of each separate department. Selection, recruitment, hiring, compensation, and motivation of the staff are the crucial issues that HR has to deal with. Schramm (2015) emphasizes that the essential competencies of the HR professionals must include leadership, relationship management, critical evaluation, and human resource expertise. All of these characteristics contribute to creation of the effective recruitment plan.

Above all, it is necessary to set the recruitment goals clearly. In case with Ceano Cosmetics, the goals are as follows:

– involving talented workers highly interested to develop in the industry;

– attracting the candidates who have the appropriate skills for the definite job positions;

– motivating the staff to work and stimulating the candidates’ interest by representing the company as the place with a dynamic, welcoming, and optimistic atmosphere.

Planning and positioning should rely on the most effective approaches and consider the major values of the company. Therefore, the recruitment and selection process should be consistent with the mission of the organization. This means that the candidates’ choice must be carefully reviewed to determine such essential qualities as the interest in cosmetics, decency, respect towards Ceano Cosmetics, so it is important to choose the most effective tools to identify the abovementioned qualities. The recruiting software is widely applied to support the sourcing and hiring processes (“The top recruiting tools, according to HR professionals,” 2014). G2Crowd Grid is a good example of the platform that is helpful by selecting the best candidates according to their talents. LinkedIn is another valuable web platform that helps identify the potentially good workers for the company relying on their previously created profiles. The LinkedIn users are not oriented towards the definite organization, but towards many companies and people to establish professional links in the social network. In the same way, the network can be used by the HR to highlight the interests and needs of the company by creation of both individual and corporate profiles (Charney, 2015). Additionally, the popularity of the offers on Monster, CareerBuilder, and HotJobsis is regularly growing. For this reason, it is obvious that social media and Internet platforms can be a useful tool for the HR manager when selecting and following the innovations and technologies as this can both simplify various tasks and make the overall company’s performance more effective.

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To recruit the qualified manager, it is necessary to identify all requirements to the workers clearly. The non-qualified staff can become a serious barrier to the growth of the organization and its effective functioning. The selection of the wrong candidates is the direct way to poor retention rates and bad service of the store that would lead to the loss of the customers and their dissatisfaction. Therefore, the process of the workers’ recruitment must be divided into several stages. Apart from the initial selection, the interviewing and consequent assessment are necessary. The evaluation of the employees’ abilities and competencies, as those that correspond to the company needs, must depend on the assessment of the physical and psychological skills. In the current case, the ability to perform multiple tasks, good communication skills, leadership, and organizational skills are required. The HR person has to ensure that the candidates are fully appropriate for the position and can help the company to perform its mission. Thus, this manager has to be completely aware of the company mission himself/herself.

Apart from the pre-selection and assessment of the candidates, the interviews based on the above-mentioned demands must be carefully planned. It is often desirable to divide them into two parts. The first one can be conducted via the phone, while the second one is face-to-face communication. Live communication is definitely demanded and cannot be omitted. Regardless of the work industry, it is crucial to understand clearly, whom exactly the company searches for. Even though the CV and the recommendations are perfect, it is necessary to see and to talk to a person.

Generally, the potential HR manager of Ceano Cosmetics will be assessed by his/her previous experiences, skills, and eagerness to work for the company following its mission and values. Some possible questions that can become helpful at the interview include: how does the candidate view the the company’s mission, what is his/ her motivation to work for Ceano Cosmetics, how easy can he/she cope with the new tasks etc. The questions about the process of workers’ training and the means of the company’s development can also be appropriate during the interview.

Hence, the HR manger’s selection on the current stage must rely on the clear idea of the potential worker on this position; major educational requirements, experience, and skills; the work with the CVs, Internet bases, and primary evaluation of the candidates’ skills and experiences for certain positions; the pre-evaluation of the candidates; and the face-to-face interview accompanied by the psychological and physical assessment. After all, the analysis of the best candidates and the selection of the most appropriate ones should occur. The process must comply with the demands and communication approaches to the federal and state regulations. In addition, the planning process must be organized according to the time and social changes as the recruiting tools, procedures and policies used a year ago can become inappropriate at present and need updating (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014).

There are several ways to find a good HR manager. First, the search of the appropriate candidate can be conducted among the existing team. The advantage of such approach is that the candidate would already realize all details of the working process and would need less time for adaptation. Second, the cooperation with unemployment ministries and recruiting agencies can also offer some interesting potential workers. In addition, the newspaper and magazine advertisements can become quite helpful. Finally, the Internet sources including Linked In, Craiglist, Google, Career Builder, Simply Hired, Monster, and other job boards may attract potential candidates for the job (Charney, 2015).

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As for the education and experience, at least the BA form college is necessary. The best candidates should have a degree in management or psychology. Two-year work experience in cosmetics and the basic knowledge of chemistry, medicine, and pharmacy are desirable. The certificates in leadership, management, psychology, or cosmetology are preferred. All candidates must also possess good language skills. The staff has to be able to read, analyze, and interpret the data they may be provided with. The proficient written and verbal communication competencies are necessary. The knowledge of Latin is desirable for the producers of cosmetics. Interestingly, the same skills are desirable for the manager as they can become quite useful in the future work. In general, it is obvious that the position of the HR manager in such department is particularly responsible.

Selection of the HR manager must be based on the merits of the person. After a series of tests, the best candidate will be selected. The written test can be applied to define the technical abilities, while the communication skills will be evaluated in the face-to face interview. After the detailed review and assessment of all results, the candidates will be contacted and informed about the hiring decision

Training and Development

Training and development are the important steps on the way to improvement. Therefore, the choice of the candidate out of the representatives from the existing team can be a good solution, but it should rely on the personal growth and development of the individual’s skills. First, the adaptation to the changing environment can be defined as the major aim of the training (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014). Second, the development of the additional skills and their practical implementation can be quite useful. In particular, the HR managers need to develop the ability to tackle multiple tasks effectively without being easily distracted. Third, the high responsibility level, working under pressure, managing conflicts, designing the proper staff training procedures, effective salary management, supervising, and handling the specific software are the aspects that need regular support and updates. The HR manager that was hired has to be well trained in the above-mentioned areas before performing his/her direct duties. These trainings should take place once per year or once per half a year in case of legal changes or other urgent situations.

Compensation Plan

Compensation is one of the primary means to keep the manager or other workers engaged. According to Gallup report (2014), one third of the managers are actively involved in their work. However, engagement is crucial to predetermine the work effectiveness. With regard to the great level of responsibility, the compensation for the worker must be quite high to encourage the proper work. This compensation must include the basic salary, incentives and bonuses, and health insurance. Ceano Cosmetics offers the annual salary of $90,000 and the incentives in case the targets are achieved. Furthermore, the bonuses will be added monthly depending on the achievements of all team members. Some other bonuses include healthcare coverage, insurance, paid sick days, vacation trips etc.

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Legal Issues

The process of the staff hiring always demands careful attention to the numerous legal issues. They are, for instance, the discrimination, the working hours and payments for the extra work time, tax payment, healthcare insurance etc. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, hiring the HR manager must consider such aspects as non-discrimination policies and prohibiting any type of unfair treatment such as harassment related to race, color, religion, or sex (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2016). The treatment of disabilities is covered by a separate act ADA that protects people from biased decisions and judgments predetermined by their physical condition (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2016). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991 also regulates the HR functions to ensure the equal opportunities for the employees (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014). However, it is also necessary to check the updates in the state and federal regulations on a regular basis (Youssef, 2014).

Performance Appraisals

The mission of the HR manager ensures the proper functioning of the entire organization. Therefore, the crucial goal is to ensure the common objectives in the team and meeting the plan demands. In such a way, the HR will use a holistic approach to design, measure, assess, and thus manage the performance of the team (Youssef-Morgan & Stark, 2014). The overall performance can be measured by applying the ratio of the effectiveness, quality assessment, and productiveness. The grid sheet and time-reflecting document can be used. In addition, the attitudes of the employees, their development and atmosphere in the team should be assessed regularly with the help of questionnaires and conversations. All of the sheets and grades will be analyzed to present the general results. Consequently, the behavior and performance evaluation will become the basis for the plan creation and providing a deep understanding of the possible weaknesses in the work of the organization.


To conclude, Human Resources planning and team management are responsible and difficult tasks. Therefore, the choice of the candidate as well as the terms and conditions for the work is a quite responsible mission that influences the work of the entire company. Careful recruiting, selection, planning, training, and compensation are the crucial components to ensure the presence of the appropriate candidate on the position of the HR manager. As a result, the manager’s active engagement must predetermine the engagement of all workers and lead to the constant flow of the clients and company’s growth.

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