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7 Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

No matter what kind of academic writing you should complete, your introduction should end with thesis statement. It can be a short essay, middle-length research paper or rather long doctoral dissertation, but the presence of thesis statement is decisive. Any professor pays attention to it at once, when starts checking an assignment. You can find an instruction on how to write a thesis statement quickly and appropriately below. All you need is to read it attentively and follow the recommendations.

Major Steps to Writing a Thesis Statement

  1. Start writing a thesis statement as soon as you have researched the topic in full. You should be knowledgeable enough about all aspects and problems of the topic you research to make this part of your assignment well.
  2. As a rule thesis ends your introduction paragraph. It is your statement which should be proved through your body and later mentioned again with the stress of its rightness in the conclusion. Consequently, many students consider that great thesis statements are better to complete after you have a written the plan of your paper or even its body. In other way it may need some further corrections.
  3. To start with writing a thesis statement you should define the main question of your writing assignment. Later try to answer it in the most concrete and logical way. This answer is your thesis. It should sound like your position which will be investigated during the next paragraphs. For example, you are writing about spiritual leaders. Thus, you should ask yourself: What are the main features of such kinds of leaders? Your answer is: Real spiritual leaders should be intelligent, patient, sacrificial, devoted to their job, calm, peaceful, empathic and fair to orient their work at spiritual tone, group morale, personal relationship and harmonious team atmosphere firstly and consider administrative issue and plans development as secondary.
  4. It is also important to adapt your thesis to your paper type. Not all essays compare and contrast, persuade, research or teach. The main feature of your writing should be transferred to your thesis too, as it is like a business card of you assignment. Thus, analytical thesis should examine the problem through breaking it down, expository – illuminate the position and teach, argumentative aims to change people’s viewpoint through making the claim. Remember always consider, what features should your writing assignments have to complete exceptionally great thesis statements.
  5. Do not overload your thesis. It should contain only one specific stance. In other words, just one the most important issue in great details should be described in it. To make your choice easier remember that your body should support and investigate it.
  6. Try to be original while completing your thesis, as it adds ginger to the whole piece of writing. Figure out some exciting and novel manner to make your paper such. Let it be fresh and dynamic to absorb the readers’ attention at once.
  7. Despite being placed at the beginning of the academic work thesis statement should be completed almost at the end, because it should be provable with your body. It is vital to provide as many evidences which will support the rightness of your thesis as you can during your paper. Many college and university students confirm that the time for great thesis statements writing comes as soon as the body of the paper has been ready.

Other Thing to Consider about Good Theses

  • Thesis statement provides the readers with direction of the paper and answers the question” What is this piece of writing about?” Thus, it is an assertion of your position, announcement of the topic and explanation of your intend. Try to write it in such way that a reader could clarify all these items while reading it.
  • Firm and definite language style will help to distinguish your thesis among the rest of the text. Be concrete, persuasive, and steadfast while you formulate it. It is always great to use the phrase like “because” to underline your rightness and provide supporting evidences of it. Your aim is to make the readers take your position.
  • While you complete your thesis try to be as to-the-point as you can, because it should be no longer that one or two sentences. In them you should in short-spoken, but all-embracing way point at paper topic, direction and your strict position with major evidences, which point at its accuracy.
  • Explore not the whole topic but its narrow subject in your paper. Academic writing assignments do not aim to provide general information about particular topic. Books do this instead. So, when you complete a piece of writing the first thing you should do is to choose specific narrow subject of the topic to research and write about. For example, if you should write about computers you can write about Steve Jobs influence on modern technical industry.
  • The audience of your paper is important too. The manner of your writing will differ a little if you complete it for scientific conference instead of your classmates. The first audience inclines to more sound language with a lot of wise words to make impression, while your classmates need to understand without additional efforts what you are talking about. Consequently, your academic writing for them should be simple, full of explanations but deep in its plot.

Thesis statement writing seems to be a difficult task only at the beginning. As soon as you have practiced in it will become the piece of cake. The most important thing to remember is to place it at the end of introduction and start formulation of it after your body is ready. Write one or two sentences in which you assert your position about narrow topic subject and provide an evidence of it rightness with the help of phrase “because” to make it stronger. Reread it once again when the whole paper it ready to correct or add some points.

We hope that our article is useful for everyone who is looking how to write a thesis statement.

Good luck with writing!

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